1/3000 modern US naval
Painting // 01


I'll keep it simple - prices are based on the figure's largest dimension if its not a regular scale. So a 28mm long  space - frigate will cost the same as a 28mm foot figure. Groups of 8 or more of the same  figure in the same scheme are discounted 10%.

2mm @ 50p per block

6mm @ 25p per foot, 50p  per cav, £1 vehicles / guns

10mm @ 50p per foot,  £1 per cav, £2 vehicles / guns 

15mm @ £1.50 per foot, £3 per cav, £3 vehicles / guns*

20mm @ £2 per foot, £4 per cav, £4 vehicles / guns*

25/28mm @ £5 per foot, £10 per cav, £10 vehicles/ guns*

54mm @ £15 per foot, £25 per cav. £50 vehicles / guns*

* This is  for more complex guns and vehicles. Basic artillery and limbers are priced as per foot figures.

Basing is included - if you provide the bases. Otherwise at cost.

I supply base textures , flocks and tufts etc included in the price.

I can also provide magnetic basing at 10% of unit cost.


Flags, camouflage and heraldry hand-painted at  Vehicle price, pre-printed flags and decals applied at foot figure cost. 

I also paint  highly detailed figures to a  display standard for role players and those special 'character' miniatures. Double the normal rates. 

Post and Packing is 10% in UK, Minimum of £5 and orders over £100 are sent free.

Terrain . buildings, special projects etc -  drop me a line.

1/72 dinosaur excavation
1/72 Unicraft resin luftwaffe '46 project
Cleaning & Assembly // 02


Generally, cleaning and assembly  is included with the  painting cost for simple items such as  multi part  figures, limbers and simple artillery pieces. Of course, it also includes cleaning the castings, which in some cases can take a lot of time. For example: a box of 12 Strelets 1/72nd cavalry  can take up to 2 hours to remove the mould lines!


Some kits are becoming  more complex, requiring gluing , filling, sanding etc before  I can even prime the  figure.  I used to build  display kits for Airfix and I've built  competition winning models for many years. Building more complex kits takes time -  and  you can guess what comes next -  that's right! -  time is money! If you have a more complex kit, I'm happy to build it for you, but we will probably  be talking day rates.  Of course you are welcome to build it yourself and send it to me for painting, but have a  chat with me first so that we're both happy with the project and the outcomes.

1/72 strelets french ADC Lahoussaye
Unique Selling Point // 04


Where would any business be without a USP? This is my offer to you -

If your project takes less time to complete than I estimated I will deduct the difference from your final payment. I do this because I believe in charging only  for what is due. If it takes  longer than I estimated , I will take it on the chin! If I complete and post the project late (after we've  agreed any extensions for additional work you request), I will reimburse you 10% for every week overdue. How's that for commitment!

Special Projects // 03


Where would we be without terrain? If you want your pre-made  terrain painted I can do that  whether it's 1/3000th or 1/32nd. I can scratch-build  just about anything you need from planets and asteroids to cathedrals and castles. The pic above is a dinosaur excavation in 20mm. The shopping for parts took longer than the actual modelling. Two days shopping to 1 day's modelling! ( I won't charge you for the shopping)